🎊Weekly Events🎊
💰The top 100 users with the most deposits and trading volume share $200,000💰

⏰Event time:
Start Time : 25/7/2022, 18:00 Singapore Time GMT+8
End Time : 297/2022, 18:00 Singapore Time GMT+8

step :
1️⃣ Traders must deposit 1,000 USDT and trade at least 1,000 USDT with 10x leverage during the event. (Trading bonuses are not counted)

2️⃣ The calculation method is to first calculate the deposit amount, and then calculate the transaction volume.

Volume = Margin x Leverage
Example: 1000USDT X 10x leverage = 10,000 volume

3️⃣Ranking and rewards are as follows:
1st : $80,000
2nd: $40,000
3rd – 4th: $20,000
5th – 6th: $10,000
7th – 10th: $4,000
11st – 100th: $45

4️⃣ Due to users with the same number of invitations, the ranking will be sorted according to the UID number of the transaction time

✅The list of winners will be announced in each community within 1 day after the event ends.
✅Rewards will be distributed within 1 day after the event ends.
✅ Rewards cannot be withdrawn.
* Reward will be distributed automatically